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|   |  |  |    ---|---|---|---|---      * Home  * Free eCourse  * Newsletter  * What's NEW  * Submit Articles  * Advertise  * Party Supplies# Share the Coolest Party Ideas  with World's Most Creative PeopleThe coolest party ideas are right here. Whether you need to plan a birthdayparty, a retirement party, an anniversary party, a beach party, a seasonalparty, or any kind of party at all, you'll find the coolest stuff here.    We have ideas you can use if you are running short of time and ideas that willtake a little longer to execute.View our **Complete Collection of Kids Party Themes** including Football,Noah's Ark, Sesame, Winnie the Pooh, Princess, Thomas the Train, Bowling,Ballerina, Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse,CowboyParty, Bratz for Girl, Tea Party, Construction, Dinosaur, Bob The Builder,Fairy, Spongebob. Tinker Bell, Circus, Pokemon, Pool Party, Hannah Montana,Airplane, Army, Nascar, Spiderman, Luau, Pirate, Space, Safari, Harry Potter,Dress Up, Star Wars, John Deere, Baby Einstein, Dog Party, Littlest Pet Shop,Scooby Doo, Curious George, Ladybug, Shrek, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kittyand many more!View our **Adult Party Themes** including 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, ClassReunion, Spiderman, Mardi Gras, Pirate, Retirement, Casino, Western,Superbowl, Beach, Tea, Hawaiian Luau and lots more!You can begin by visiting our **most poplar** pages below:  * **Garden Party Ideas**  * **Seasame 1st Birthday Party**  * **Cowgirl Birthday Party**  * **Hello Kitty Party*** * *## **Planning An Easter Party?**Yes,the easter holiday is coming and let these egg hunt party, invitation anddecorations to setup a special party for your family!We've also collected lots of creative easter party ideas that will be bothchallenging and mentally engaging for kids. Paring your children into intoteams, a reader with a non-reader, and then EVERYONE can participate. Lot offun!Read more about our coolest easter party tips and games here...**OR**Jump into fun with the newest Printable Easter Games!* * *## **Coolest Party Ideas Revealed**I always feel that the best summer party ideas are the ones that reallycelebrate the coolest things that summer has to offer. From a glisteningsummer pool party where wet is cool to the greasy summer barbeque that turnsspitting watermelon into an "Olympic"-worthy event, there are so many partythemes to explore and enjoy!  ---    ## **Read the full collection of summer parties here!*** * *##  ## **Coolest Birthday Cakes**  More than that, we have a great collection of birthday cake ideas that othervisitors to our site have used and shared with us. Here are a few:  * Winter Baby Cake  * Bonefire Birthday Cupcake  * Sushi Birthday Cake  * Monkey Cake  * Hermit Crab Cake****|  |   ---|---|---    * * *## **Coolest Party Pictures & Ideas from Visitors**Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their completeTheme Party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories"Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!Take a peek at the great collection of **Birthday Party Ideas** that othervisitors to our site have used and shared with us:  ---    ## **You can  enter our 2012 Coolest Party Contest,  submit your Coolest party tales, WIN an iPAD2!*** * *##  ## **Coolest Party Supplies**We don't have only the ideas. Wehave best deals on **Printable Party Games**, kids favors and party costumesyou can buy online and have delivered right to your door.No need to run all over town hunting for the perfect decorations or discountparty supplies.Or you can simply browses through the links on the left of the screen.Be sure to bookmark this site, because you will want to come back for moregreat party ideas the next time you are asked to host the coolest party ever!### New! CommentsHave your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.      Home | Contact Us |  Site Map | Privacy Policy |Kids Party | Adult Party | Halloween Party | Christmas PartyNew Years Party | Valentine Party | Easter Party  Copyright (C) 2012\. Coolest-Party-Ideas.com All rights reserved.##### Birthday Parties  * Submit Your Party  * Winners' Party Tales  * Kids' Birthday Party  * School Party  * Adult Birthday Party  * Birthday Invitations##### Cakes  * Birthday Cake Contest  * Cake Pictures##### Games & Activities  * Visitors' Game Ideas  * Preschool Party Games  * Teenage Birthday Games  * Adult Birthday Games##### Holiday Parties  * Halloween Party Ideas  * Christmas Party Ideas  * New Years Party  * Valentine Party Ideas  * St Patricks Party  * Spring Party Ideas  * Easter Party Ideas  * Halloween Costume##### Shop Here  * Printable Games  * Kids Party Supplies  * Party Costumes  * Birthday Gift##### Visit Our Other  COOLEST sites  * Baby Shower Ideas  * Christmas Holidays    ###### Subscribe to Our Blog  *   *   *   *   *   ## Prepare for Upcoming HolidaysTake a trip to Mardi Gras for an unforgettable twist on this sensational partytheme!**Read the Mardi Gras Party Tips HERE...**## Party Ideas Just AddedOk Gamers this is for you!! Beki has a gamer chic in her house who is allabout Halo which led to her 13th birthday party idea (this could work for boystoo). Super creative!**Read Her Story HERE...**## DiscussionWhat is your coolest Facebook party idea? How to throw the coolest wakiest andmost amusing theme party on Facebook? Let's discuss here.## Fun Dinner Parties Made Simple## The folks at _Dinner Parties Make Simple_ are experts, and when it comes tohelping the uninformed to host fun dinner parties they're worth their weightin gold!**Read My Review HERE...**## Popular ArticlesPrintable Party Games How-toDigital Photo Tips for Party## FREE Party Tips"Mastering All The Exciting, Fun and Innovative Ways to Make Sure Your Party AHuge Success!"      **Enter Your Email**        **Your First Name**              We guarantee we will never sell or give your name and email address to anyone.  ---